How to motivate a call center to increase the average bill

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A SalesRender client had problems motivating call center agents.

Call center operators work for salaries and bonuses, which were calculated by the business owner at the end of the month based on the general financial indicators of the company, which was not transparent to them and therefore caused demotivation at work. The operators literally thought like this: “Now I’ll try, but logistics will fail, customers won’t receive their orders, the company will suffer financially, and I won’t receive bonuses”

The client contacted SalesRender support for help in setting up the motivation system.

He knew that he could set up charges on the operator’s balance, but he did not want the deductions to be fixed, because the operator could sell for $100, or maybe $1 000.


The client did not want to put a percentage of the amount, since often the buyer himself had already ordered an expensive item in the order.

The client needed calculation of remuneration based on the operator’s actual sales of additional goods in the order.


Our team has made it possible to set a reward as a percentage not of the initial or final value of the cart in the order, but of the difference between these values. For example, if you initially ordered goods worth $200, and after a conversation with the operator the cost increased to $1000, then the operator receives 10 percent of the difference, that is, from $800!


At the same time, it is taken into account that the difference is positive, because there are cases when, after a conversation with the operator, the buyer refused part of the goods. Although, in such situations, you can also set fines from the operator’s balance.

As a result:

  • operators see their bonus balance after each sale
  • try to call the client as soon as possible
  • increase in average check by 45%, sales conversion by 10%

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