SalesRender – is a CRM
for internet sales

💪We offer not just CRM, but also assistance and advice in properly setting up and organizing your processes

For Giants

Simple management of millions of orders and hundreds of call center operators, taking into account all your business requirements


For Beginners

Using the right tool can help you lighten your load and increase sales. And we will help you with everything


Order Management

Any fields of any types. File attachment. Statuses - funnel

Validators 👮

You can create any rules for your funnel, from simple to the most complex. Formulas like in Excel are used

Target Actions 🎯

Quick buttons in the order. Move orders by statuses. Focus attention on important fields. Calculate statistics

Utilities 🛠️

Time in the client's time zone, reminders and timers, order origin, flexible table and order card settings

CPA Module

Create your own affiliate network. Private offers. Personal rates. Integration with all CPA networks


Triggers - automation by events using formulas like in Excel

🦾Triggers are our pride! You can set them up yourself, or you can write to us, and we will do everything for free

No Limits

Scenarios can be any. A very powerful tool for control and automation of processes



You can set up KPI for operators in the form of 10% of the amount of the check increase made by them. Or anything else


Call center solutions

Calls directly from the browser, with the ability to securely hide numbers from call operators. Any sip providers

Calls ☎️

Incoming and outgoing. Call recordings. Linking the call to the order. Detailing

Sales Scripts 💬

Setting up a conversation scenario between the client and the operator. And there are A/B tests

Prompter 🗣️

You can join any call in real-time and give hints to the operator

Call Centers

  • You can create several independent call centers. Each has its own manager.

  • Call center staff are divided into teams, and orders by filters. Each team calls what they should

  • You won't wake up clients at night, there is a filter by time zones

  • Incoming telephony numbers are also distributed by teams. For example, you can separate sales from support

  • Any employee can transfer the call to another team if they cannot help the client



Correspondence with clients in all possible ways. We integrate any messenger for free!

Messengers and SMS

SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and any other methods. Both the client and you can write first


Hiding Contacts

You can hide any contacts of your clients from operators, including phone numbers


We will explain everything and even customize it for you

☎️We can call or create a chat in Telegram
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Warehouses and Goods

Warehouse accounting with purchase costs, product expiration dates and balance adjustments


Accounting of batches, expiration dates, purchase prices. Optionally, there is writing off in minus. There can be many warehouses. Each has its own manager



Items have categories, photos, variations, dimensions, weight, files. Price is fixed or within a specified range



Make discounts and sales by combining items in promotions at a special price. Statistics for both items and promotions


Mail and Couriers

Linked to the warehouse. All the most popular ones are already integrated. We will add any other one for you. For free


We are people, not robots. We'll help with heart and immersion in the process

📢If this is not the case, here is the contact of CEO: @ann_kasumova
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Safe and Convenient

Your employees will only have access to authorized data. You can customize everything individually for each employee

Logs and History 🕒

Any changes are logged. When, by whom, what, from which IP, was and became

Roles 🔐

Flexibly configured. A huge number of prohibitions. Nesting. Whitelist of IP addresses.

Employees and API 👥

Roles not only for employees but also for API tokens. Two-factor authentication

Employee Balance 💰

Each employee has a balance. You can create a KPI system or not use it if not needed

Localization 💱

Language and time zone are set in the profile. You can set a preferred currency and see all prices immediately in 2 currencies for ease of perception

Dark Mode 🌙

Reduces eye strain. Will be liked by users working in the evening and at night.

Need More Features? We'll add for free just for you!

⚡️We designed our system to be limitless. We have a plugin functionality that can add any features to the system. Import or export orders anywhere, print any forms, mass processing of orders in any way for your needs right from the interface
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