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The abbreviation CPA (cost per action) refers to a model where payment is made for a specific action. In e-commerce, CPA typically refers to the entire field of traffic arbitrage, involving webmasters, CPA networks, and advertisers.

In short: instead of generating orders for your products yourself, you turn to companies that provide traffic (CPA networks and webmasters, which have equal significance in the context of this article). In this chain, you are called the "advertiser". Payment for traffic occurs according to the "cost per action" principle and can take the form of rewards for leads, approvals (confirmed orders), or sales (orders delivered to customers).

In this article, we will discuss the important and interesting options of the CPA module in SalesRender. We already have integrations with all popular CPA networks.

Key Features of the CPA Module in SalesRender

The CPA module in SalesRender is designed for working with CPA networks. With it, you can:

  • Create offers
  • Set rewards for offers, including personalized rates for webmasters
  • Track webmaster balances
  • Control payouts

An offer is your proposal to CPA networks to buy traffic for a reward. Usually, an offer involves selling the main product on a landing page, but with us, you can create offers consisting of two or more different products. For example, if you want to sell sets of products on a landing page and are willing to offer higher rewards to webmasters for such an offer.

Offers can be made public or private. Typically, if you have a limited number of products for an offer or low conversion rates, such offers are only open to verified webmasters upon request. For all others, the offer will be hidden.

In addition to offer privacy, you can also hide order details from the CPA network. For example, initially, you receive an order with only the customer's name and phone number, and then, after contacting the customer, you fill in their address, product basket, etc. These details can be hidden using the Visibility of Fields for the Webmaster setting. Data can be hidden completely, partially, or not hidden at all.

All offer information is stored in a table format. CHAT GPT Image

In SalesRender, there are several ways to reward:

  • Lead - reward is credited for any order, excluding duplicates and spam
  • Approval - reward is credited for confirmed orders
  • Sale - reward is credited for orders paid by customers

The rate itself can be a fixed amount in any currency or calculated as a percentage of the initial or final order value.

Each CPA network has its own dashboard, where you can view statistics on offers and your balance, to which rewards for orders are credited. Reward tracking for each CPA network is also available in your dashboard. It's important to note that we only track the balance; payouts are made outside the system.

Although a CPA network is synonymous with a webmaster in the context of this article, it's important to clarify. Inside a CPA network, there are many webmasters. And when you need to analyze CPA network traffic, it's correct to do so not with a general flow but in the context of each webmaster within the CPA network. Therefore, we have also added the ability to segment traffic by the internal webmaster parameter of the CPA network.


What is Hold?

In working with CPA networks, every mistake instantly leads to money loss. For example, if you pay a CPA network for a confirmed order, and an operator moves the order to the "Confirmed" status by mistake, the CPA network immediately receives the reward in their balance. The same can happen if a customer changes their mind. For example, a customer confirmed an order, but five minutes later called the call center and asked to cancel it.

To avoid such situations, we have added an important feature called "Hold".

Hold is the time after which an order receives a final status for rewarding the CPA network. The countdown starts when the order is moved to a positive or negative status.

For example, an offer has a reward for approval with a 20-minute hold. When the call center confirms the order and moves it to the corresponding status, the CPA network will see that there is an approval for the order, but the reward will only be credited to the balance after 20 minutes, i.e., after the hold time expires. If during this time the call center realizes it made a mistake and moves the order back, or the customer calls to cancel the order, the payout to the CPA network will not be credited.

How to Get Started with a CPA Network?

We have integrations with all well-known CPA networks, so there are no technical difficulties in getting started. However, your agreements with the CPA network are the main condition, so we recommend that you initially contact the CPA network manager, discuss your GEO, offer, possible reward, and after agreeing on traffic, integrate with SalesRender or simply contact us.

If you're not sure which CPA networks to turn to, write to us, and we'll help you choose and advise you.

Our support team will help you choose a CPA network, set up interaction with it, and also provide you with CRM demonstration and setup!

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