The cost of CRM depends only on the number of users

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Select the country in which you will sell. The availability of integrations, plugins and currency within the account depends on this

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What is the purpose of choosing a country?

Choosing a country affects the currency in which all calculations will be made, as well as the availability of various integrations (such as logistics services, telephony, etc.)

What is included in the cost?

All CRM capabilities are already included in the cost, but most importantly - our support service. We are ready to help you with any question, create a chat and always assist

Can I increase the number of users at any time?

Yes, you can purchase additional slots at any time on the billing page. They will be calculated based on the date of the existing slots and will be extended along with them.

How to operate in multiple countries?

For each country in which you operate, it is necessary to create a separate company to avoid mixing different currencies. And for the EU, we have a separate "country" with the euro currency