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In call center operations, errors often occur: an order is assigned an incorrect status, an order is moved to cancellation without specifying a reason, operators forget to enter the postal code, and so on. Errors cost money as they disrupt business processes, slow down shipment, or even make delivery impossible.

We have anticipated all possible order processing errors and created reliable safeguards! In SalesRender, you can restrict order movements through the status funnel and control the accuracy of the data in the order.

In this article, we will discuss the target actions and important fields in SalesRender. To set up all these functions, you can contact your personal manager. We will configure everything for you or teach you how to do it!

Order Card Data Validator

Order validators are rules that check the correctness of the data in the order fields and control actions on orders. SalesRender offers a highly flexible low-code editor for creating validators, with formulas set up like in Excel, allowing users to specify any rules for any situations.

Using the editor, you can create not only simple rules for address, postal code, or comment input validation but also complex rules, such as prohibiting employees from editing a specific order field or preventing movement from "Packaging" to "Shipped" for all users except logisticians.

To create a validator, you need to enter a name, error text, and rules. The name is used only for ease of working with validators, making it easier to navigate the created validators.

The error text will be seen by users if the validator triggers. You can enter clear texts for each specific validator, making it even easier for your company's users to work with orders. For example, if you create a blacklist, you can specify a message like "The phone number entered is in the blacklist. Order creation is not possible."

The rules are the main "assignment" for the validator, that is, when it will trigger.

Here is what creating a validator for mandatory filling of the "Comment" field looks like when moving an order to the "Cancelled" status: Screenshot from interface

And here is a validator for mandatory filling of the "Address" field if users with the "Operator" role move the order to the "Awaiting shipment" status: Screenshot from interface

The validator checks the order not only during its editing but also during creation. Thus, the validator can prevent order creation if certain fields are not filled out.

Here are examples of what else can be configured using validators:

  • Mandatory filling of the "Address" field when moving the order to the "For shipment" status
  • Mandatory filling of the "Cancellation reason" field when moving the order to the "Cancelled" status
  • Prohibition for anyone except the director to move the order from a certain status to another specific status
  • Prohibition of order creation without the "Full Name" and "Phone" fields

Remember, we will set everything up for you! Our support service will offer you the most common and in-demand validators and also configure new ones tailored to your business process.

Order Movement Through the Funnel

Perhaps even more frequently than data entry errors are errors such as "assigning an incorrect status to an order", for example, when an order needed to be canceled but was accidentally moved to the "Confirmed" status. Such an error can not only disrupt the business process but also cause financial losses, especially if you work with webmasters who receive a payout for each approved order.

To protect against such errors, you can set up rules for moving orders through statuses, i.e., rules for moving orders through the funnel.

Here is what the settings page looks like; it is very simple but needs to be correctly understood. Screenshot from interface

To quickly understand the settings, let's start with the list in the middle. In it, you sequentially select each status and configure the rules with the columns on the left and right. Let's start with the "Processing" status.

  • The left column is the list of statuses FROM which an order can move to the "Processing" status (selected in the middle)
  • The right column is the list of statuses TO which an order can move from the "Processing" status (selected in the middle)

Note that in the middle, you can select not only statuses but also "New order". This is necessary so you can set up which status allows the creation of new orders. For "New order", you can only configure the right column, i.e., which status the new order can move to. Configuring FROM which statuses it can move is not possible, as it is a new order, meaning it has just been created.

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