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Target actions are the actions that can be performed with an order in your business process.

For example, when an order first appears in the admin panel, after the initial contact with the customer, the following actions can be taken: "Confirm" or "Cancel". And when the order is already confirmed, the actions "Send for shipping" or "Correct errors" become available. Thus, for each status, you set only the actions that can be performed for that status.

In this article, we will talk about target actions and important fields in SalesRender. To set up all these functions, you can contact your personal manager. We will configure everything for you or teach you how to do it!

Why Are Target Actions Needed and How Do They Differ from Statuses?

Statuses are all the possible stages of your business process, while target actions are the possible actions with an order when it is in a specific status.

You can continue using statuses without target actions, but target actions greatly simplify working with orders and minimize potential errors. The setup of target actions is done separately for each status, and after clicking a target action, the order changes its status to the one specified in the settings.

In the order card, target actions appear as a field with a dropdown list of actions. Each target action has its color, which is set in the settings.

Screenshot from interface

This is how the table with all target actions is displayed. As seen in the screenshot, each status has its own target actions. They can be edited or disabled.

Screenshot from interface

If a reminder has been set in the order, you can configure what will happen to it when a target action is clicked: it can be deleted or saved.

Important Fields

Important fields are the fields that the system will draw your attention to when selecting a specific target action.

For example, you apply the "Send" action, but the postal code field in the order is empty. It may not be necessary for some courier services, but your attention will still be drawn to it. Or, for instance, you are working with a new order and apply the "Confirm" action without editing the first and last name. The system will still prompt you to ensure that the name fields do not need updating, as you might have overlooked this.

Important fields are highlighted in the same color as the target action to draw the user's attention. In the green frames on the screenshot, you can see how important fields are displayed for the "Order Confirmation" action.

Screenshot from interface

For example, in the screenshot, the fields in the green frame are empty and are likely necessary when confirming the order, as well as fields that have remained untouched since the order appeared in the admin panel. These may need to be rechecked. If you believe everything is correctly filled out, you can simply tick the boxes next to each field in the green frame to confirm that you have indeed paid attention to them.

Important fields are not validation rules. Validation rules check whether fields are filled according to established rules. Important fields mark those fields that should be manually checked when selecting a target action. It is not about verifying how fields are filled, but rather prompting you to pay attention to these fields, for example, if there have been no changes.

Statistics on Target Actions

In the admin panel, you will find statistics on target actions, based on the number of target actions performed over a selected period, broken down by each specific action.

Screenshot from interface

Remember, we will set everything up for you! Our support team will analyze your business process and offer you a customized setup of target actions and important fields.

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