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Utilities are small auxiliary functions designed to solve various tasks and make working with orders even more convenient.

We have a wide range of utilities: client time zone to avoid calling clients at night; reminders and timers to ensure you don't forget to send a document; order origin; flexible table and order card customization to remove any unnecessary information!

All these features are based on our extensive experience because we understand what you need.


In this article, we will discuss the utilities in SalesRender. To get a better understanding of them, you can contact your personal manager. We will set everything up for you or teach you how to do it!

Client Time Zone

Client time zone is crucial for any call center since orders can come from different regions with significant time differences, and calling clients at night can result in losing them.

The client's time is displayed in a separate column in the order table. Example on the screenshot: Screenshot from interface

Order Reminders

Reminders are a window with a time selection and comment input in the order card. You can set a reminder for an order to ensure you don't forget to call or message the client or send them a document. Reminders are easy to set and delete. Screenshot from interface

All reminders are displayed in a separate "Reminders" section along with all statuses.

Order Origin

Order origin is information about who created the order and from which IP address. An order can be created by a user, plugin, API, webmaster API, or telephony. Telephony refers to orders created via incoming calls. This information is crucial for understanding the order's history, including fraud checks.

Order origin information is displayed in the order card on the right: Screenshot from interface

Table Customization

All SalesRender interfaces are standardized, featuring the same structure and tools for working with data: filtering; sorting; number of rows displayed per page; column order.

This is how a standard table looks: Screenshot from interface

Above the table, in the top right corner, there is a gear icon. Here, you can change the number of rows per page, hide, or move any columns.


There are several icons in the table headers.


  • To sort in any order, click on the arrow icons. Not all columns have these icons, only those whose data can be sorted.
  • The magnifying glass icon allows searching by entered data. In the search window, there is a gear icon where you can select search parameters.
  • The filter icon is for advanced search. Depending on the data type, a dropdown list will open where you can select which fields with which values to search.

Any set filters can be saved either for yourself or for all users by clicking on the floppy disk icon.


Order Card Customization

The order card contains different fields grouped into blocks (e.g., block with basket, name, address). It looks like this:

Blocks can be moved (there is a Move button in the top right corner). This way, you can create a convenient order card and arrange the fields according to your sales script, for example, placing address and name blocks first, followed by the product basket, or immediately checking delivery feasibility.

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