Promotions in SalesRender

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In sales, situations often arise where items need to be sold quickly or additional sales need to be generated by grouping certain items into sets. You can do all of this with us!

A promotion is a grouping of items for sale at a special price. For example, if someone orders red t-shirts, you offer a discount on red socks. In this case, you need to create a promotion "Red T-shirt + Red Socks" at a total cost lower than buying the items separately.

Promotions have names for convenience, so you can call them "New Year's" or "Clearance Sale".

You can create promotions and sets of items. For instance, if you deal with skincare products, you can create a set consisting of face cream, serum, and cleansing foam, and set a real price without a discount.

In the product card, in the cart block, you can select both individual items and promotions.


It's important that when deducting stocks, each item in a promotion or set is considered separately and deducted correctly from the warehouses!

Our support team will assist you in adding warehouses, items, and promotions, configuring inventory management, and providing a demonstration of our CRM features!

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