Roles in SalesRender

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In SalesRender, there are no predefined roles, but there is an opportunity to create any role with any set of restrictions. Roles can reproduce the entire hierarchy of positions in your company and allow each employee access only to what is relevant to their competence.

First, you need to create roles in the company, and then add employees, assigning each one their role.

The company owner always has the most important role of Director and has no restrictions. You cannot add a second "director," but you can create a new role without restrictions that is equivalent to yours.

In the screenshot, there is a table with roles.


Nested Roles

A role can have a parent role.

Having parent roles solves the following tasks:

  • Parent roles can reproduce the hierarchy of positions in the company. For example, if the parent role has restrictions on certain functions, the child role will also have those restrictions. This greatly simplifies setting restrictions because you can first add the "Senior Operator" role with all the restrictions and then simply add the "Operator," which will already have all these restrictions, and only new ones need to be added.

  • An employee with a certain role cannot edit that role and open additional accesses for themselves; only their parent role or director can do this. Of course, it is also impossible to edit the parent role or a role "above" the parent role.

  • An employee with a certain role cannot create a user with a parent role or a role like theirs.

This significantly increases the level of security in the company. With properly configured roles, you don't have to worry that someone will "meddle in their business" 😀

A Huge Number of Restrictions

There are many restrictions, and they are very flexible. You can prohibit both viewing and editing data or make a partial prohibition, where viewing is allowed but editing is not.

Restrictions can be set for all SalesRender functions. The list of restrictions is available immediately when creating a role, and you can edit it later.

In each block, restrictions for each data type are collected. Note that there are dependent restrictions that are automatically activated if a restriction on dependent functionality is enabled. For example, if you prohibit viewing access to warehouses, but in the order card, the user will still see warehouses. Therefore, a restriction on viewing and editing the order card will be immediately activated. In the interface, the dependent restriction will be displayed immediately, and you can change the setting.


IP Whitelist

For roles, you can specify a whitelist of IP addresses from which access to the company will be allowed. To allow access from any IP addresses, simply do not specify any IP address. If you need to allow access for a role from two or more IP addresses, specify one IP address per field.


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