Hiding Contacts in SalesRender

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You can hide your customers' contacts so that calling or messaging them will still be possible. This is an excellent tool to safeguard your business from dishonest employees.

Any restrictions and accesses are regulated by roles. That is, the prohibition is set not at the level of a specific employee but at the level of their role in the company. For example, you can create a role like "Call Center Operator" and set a prohibition on viewing any field in the order. It's important that if viewing is not permitted, then editing the field is also not possible.

For instance, you can hide the email and phone number from the "Call Center Operator" role, while the operator can still call and message the customer directly from CRM but won't be able to see the contact details.

How Else Can You Secure Your Business?

  • Using built-in telephony. Operators will know that all calls are recorded, meaning they are under complete control.
  • Each user having their own account. This ensures that you can be confident in the logs displayed for each user.
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent anyone from compromising your users.
  • Properly setting restrictions for roles. This includes not only the ability to hide customer contacts but also removing all unnecessary functionality for users. For example, not allowing call center operators to view the email dispatch list or not allowing packers to make calls.

Our support service will help you set up restrictions for all roles of your employees, and also provide you with a demonstration and CRM setup!

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