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Customer chats in a CRM system provide the opportunity to communicate with customers in a unified interface across all possible communication channels: WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, SMS, or simply via email, etc. Moreover, you can not only send messages to customers but also receive their replies directly in the admin panel! This allows you to move customer communication to a single window within the CRM system, making the process convenient and secure!

Customers are increasingly avoiding calls from unknown numbers, and businesses are increasingly creating their social media profiles, communicating via direct messages, and then continuing their work in CRM. All this further emphasizes the relevance of communicating with customers in messengers.


In this article, we will tell you about writing to customers from SalesRender and the advantages of the chat functionality within CRM.

How Does It Work and How to Connect All Sales Channels to CRM?

First, let's define some terms. Chats are conversations with customers that open as dialog boxes and are displayed within CRM in a common list. Here's how it looks:


All your conversations are gathered in one window, but chats can be filtered for your convenience based on several parameters. For example, you can show all chats whose subject contains specific text, show chats from the previous month, or filter by plugin.

Plugins here play a technical role. Essentially, CRM has chat functionality, but these chats are conducted through some communication channel, such as WhatsApp or email, meaning WhatsApp or email needs to be integrated with CRM, and this is done using plugins.

There are various services that provide the opportunity to communicate with customers in a single window, so any of these services can be connected to our CRM system, or you can make a separate connection for each specific communication channel via the official API. For example, connect not just any service for communicating with customers across different channels but the official WhatsApp Business. Here, we'll focus on the requests of our users!

To start customer chats within the CRM system, you need to contact our support, choose a service, and connect it. We will integrate it for you for free.

To open a conversation with a specific customer, simply click on the relevant chat.


Important: both the customer and you can initiate the conversation, meaning if the customer writes to you first, the chat will come to the admin panel, and you will see it and can continue the conversation. If necessary, you can create an order based on this chat!

We've already integrated the SMS provider Mainsms.ru, but for now, it's only for sending SMS messages, and soon it will also be available for email notifications.

If you represent a service for communicating with customers across different communication channels, please contact us on Telegram.

Does the correspondence synchronize directly from messengers to the CRM system?

All customer correspondence in chats within the CRM system is stored in the CRM system and also on your devices where the same messenger account is connected.

However, the correspondence you conduct directly from your devices is not synchronized in CRM. So, everything you write in CRM is visible in CRM and on your devices, but what you write on your devices is only visible there.

This means you will always be able to see what your employees write to your customers from the CRM system. But they won't be able to see what you write from your phone!

How to Initiate First Contact with a Customer and Where Will Their Response Go?

You can initiate first contact with customers, meaning you can start the conversation yourself. All you have to do is choose where you want to write, and the message will be sent to their phone. Their response will come to CRM, so you or your employees won't miss anything.

Why Connect an Email Communication Channel?

As an example, we mention connecting an email communication channel. At first glance, it may seem that this channel is outdated, but in reality, very often in the business process, there is a need to duplicate some information by email, or for example, send a file. Communication often happens by email, and based on the responses, it is necessary to update the information in CRM. This is very convenient in CRM because in addition to simple messages, you can also attach files directly in the chat window! So, sending something to a customer's email from the CRM system is now very easy!

Why Do We Believe It's Safe?

It's very safe. Just imagine that your operator doesn't see your customers' contacts but can communicate via WhatsApp or email. And you see all this in a single CRM window!

You can also create a special role like "WhatsApp Support" with restrictions on any actions except communicating in this messenger. Assign this role to specific employees, hide all unnecessary contacts, and control the work from the admin panel because we log literally everything!

How Functional is the Chat Interface from the Admin Panel?

Of course, the functionality is far from using Telegram or WhatsApp, but there is an option to send voice messages, listen to them in accelerated mode, write the subject of an email, attach files. You can write in HTML, markdown, or plain text. The sending date is visible, and overall, it looks very nice.


Is it Better to Connect Each Communication Channel Separately or Choose an Aggregator Platform?

This is for you to decide, but we will try to connect as many partners as possible who offer the ability to write to customers in several sales channels at once, and we will also connect some direct channels. Everything else will depend on their prices, quality of service, and your choice!

Our support service will help you choose the right service provider, set up integration, and provide you with a demonstration and CRM setup!

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