Interesting Trigger Setup Cases in SalesRender

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Triggers are like little robots that take care of all the routine tasks in your business.

These are automation rules by which the system itself performs various actions with orders (and more) upon the occurrence of a specified event.

We have created our own low-code editor for creating triggers, but to make it even easier for you, we set everything up for you. And very soon, trigger setup will be handled by AI.

We won't discuss the nuances of setup in this article. Instead, we'll show cases that can be automated!

🛠🧰 Case 1

Call center operators work on a piece-rate basis. They receive bonuses for:

  • every order with a receipt over 2000 rubles
  • if they sell a product from the "Sale" category
  • if they offer delivery to a pickup point to the customer
  • if the order they processed is successfully delivered to the recipient

🛠🧰 Case 2

Personalized notifications to the recipient about the progress of the parcel delivery are needed. It is important to consider:

  • if delivery to a pickup point, then you need to inform about the storage periods and ask the recipient to pick up the parcel
  • if delivery by courier, ask the recipient to stay connected and wait for a call from the courier
  • delivery times depending on the recipient's city (to avoid stating general times like 7-10 days)

🛠🧰 Case 3

Orders need to be distributed correctly among operators:

  • In case of missed calls — set a reminder to call back in an hour, and the order should be assigned to another operator
  • In case of order confirmation, send an SMS to the customer; award a bonus to the operator who made the sale; then assign the order to the quality control operator

🛠🧰 Case 4

For all orders in the "Ready for Shipment" status, the following needs to be done:

  • add a gift to the cart with items for accurate product and package weight calculation
  • send a text message with information about the surprise gift

🛠🧰 Case 5

Webhooks need to be sent when orders are moved through statuses

🛠🧰 Case 6

When an order arrives in the admin panel, it needs to be checked for the presence of the customer in the blacklist based on their order history and for duplicate orders

We can set up all this and more for you right now! And most importantly, all of this can be interconnected. We look forward to your requests!

We'll be posting the most interesting trigger setup cases on our blog!

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