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Connecting telephony in SalesRender is done by connecting the telephony plugin of a specific provider. A plugin is an independently programmable module for connecting a third-party service to CRM functionality.

Our technical specialists develop plugins. We already have several plugins from well-known SIP providers, but if you don't find what you need, contact our support, and we will promptly handle everything!

In this article, we will tell you how to make calls to customers from SalesRender and what are the advantages of calls from CRM.

How to connect the telephony plugin and start making calls?

To connect the plugin, you need to:

  • develop a plugin for a specific provider or use existing ones
  • get a trunk and enter the data. The main settings of the plugin involve entering a login, token, and phone number that will be displayed during outgoing calls. Advanced settings contain more complex technical details and are usually filled in by default or by our specialists.
  • open the order card and make a call.

You can make a call directly from the order card. To do this, click on the "phone" icon next to the phone number fields.

It is important to note that in SalesRender there can be several phone number fields in the order card, and you can make a call for each number.

What plugins are already available?

We have ready-made plugins with the main large telecom providers, such as Zorra, Beeline, Sipnet, Infinity, Unitalk. However, adding new plugins is still very easy and fast. Just contact our support, and we will help you.

How does incoming telephony work?

We have incoming calls. They come to the admin panel as pop-ups with all the information about the order. However, you can hide the order preview until the operator answers the call. This need arose from the practice when operators see who is calling and do not want to answer.

In SalesRender, you can flexibly manage roles and tasks of employees, so many of our users create a separate role in the company for working only with incoming calls and assign certain trained employees to this task.

Call Details

All calls are stored in the call history. There you can see all the detailed information about each call, namely the call type (incoming or outgoing), who called whom, the duration of the call, and beeps, response code, or error.

You can disable unnecessary columns in the table.

Also, the conversation recording is stored in the table, and you can listen to it in normal and accelerated mode and even download it!

Making calls through built-in telephony is safe

You can disable the display of customer phone numbers to your operators, and they will still be able to make calls, and work will not be affected. Moreover, knowing that all conversations are recorded, operators themselves will work more responsibly and conscientiously.

Our support team will help you choose a suitable SIP telephony provider, set up integration, and also conduct a demonstration and configuration of CRM for you!

You can explore even more possibilities on our website salesrender.com

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