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A script is a conversation scenario between a call center operator and a client. A script contains key blocks in the form of greetings, product demonstrations, handling objections. Each block can be expanded with more detailed information or contain a set of prompts for the operator; this is individual and depends on the business process.


In this article, we will tell you how to add a script to the order card in SalesRender and how it will increase the efficiency of call center operations.

In SalesRender, you can create a script for each status, which allows you to create individual sales funnels for orders. For example, you can create a script for new orders or for orders in the "Ready for Pickup" status, or make repeat sales for the "Already Purchased" status.

In the order card, sales scripts are opened by a separate button.

You can open several script blocks simultaneously. If you no longer need a script, you can archive it. You can also view statistics for scripts.

How to Add a Script in SalesRender?

To create a sales script, click the plus button and fill in the following fields:

  • Name - not displayed in the order card, only for your convenience.
  • Probability, % - specifies the probability of opening the script in percentage. That is, to add variety, two or more scripts can be added to one status, and to not display all scripts at once, it is necessary to add probability. Probability allows you to test scripts and find out which one works more effectively.
  • Statuses - select the status in which the script will work. For example, in the "Processing" status, a script for new orders will be displayed, in the "Already Purchased" status - a script for repeat sales.
  • Script Blocks, Name
    • here you already specify the name of the script block, which will be displayed in the order for the call center operator.
  • Color - does not affect the logic of issuing the script, the color is set for aesthetics.
  • Text - the script text is entered here. You can specify links, insert images, or format text.

A script can contain many blocks. However, we recommend adding the most important ones (greeting, clarification of needs, product demonstration, handling objections) and not making the script too rigid; it is a dynamic entity that should be constantly adjusted after listening to call recordings.

After adding the script, it will be displayed in the general table with all scripts. Clicking on the name of the script block opens the text of the script itself.

Why Scripts in SalesRender are Effective

Within your company, you can create different sales funnels for selling goods or services. Initially, you have already paid for the leads that have entered your CRM, but it would be wrong to forget about these clients after some time, as they are financially capable, and you can offer them something. In this case, you need to think about repeat sales in the form of the same product, for example, by subscription, if it is something constantly needed and quickly exhausted, or by selling complementary products, for example, selling shoe cream to a customer who bought shoes from you.

For all these business processes, sales scripts are needed, focusing on the potential pain points of each specific situation. You need to find growth points where you can offer something more to your customers and earn on it and create scripts for each such order status.

In addition, you can create several scripts at once to test them on the same customer lifecycle. For example, test a more stringent script discussing a specific customer's problems or a more general script based on the theoretical part. You will see which one is better in the statistics.

Our support team will not only help you add a script to the admin panel but also create a good sales script!

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