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If you have your own call center, then you are probably familiar with the situation when you've just hired an operator, but it's still scary to entrust them with calls to clients. The operator hasn't yet mastered the sales script and has many questions, so they often need help from a senior operator.

Usually, during a call, the "rookie" operator mutes the microphone and rushes to the senior operator with questions. This takes time and reduces the trust in the intern from the client's perspective.

That's why we've created a special mode in which a senior operator can join the conversation with any other operator and either assist them or simply monitor the conversation. This mode is called "Prompter." It allows you to join the conversation, meaning you can both hear and speak:

  • so that only the operator can hear (for example, providing hints to the intern during the conversation)
  • so that only the client can hear (for example, for secret shopper checks)
  • so that both can hear (in which case it turns into a full-fledged phone conference)

When This Can Be Useful

The most common situation is connecting a senior operator to an intern's conversation so that the client cannot hear. This will help in real-time to assist the intern, so they don't have to first learn all the answers to questions and then call the client back. This saves time, saves the order, and also very practically helps the intern get up to speed.

There may also be situations where an operator can join the conversation so that the operator themselves cannot be heard. For example, you are conducting a mystery shopper check in the company. Accordingly, you can join the conversation so that the operator does not know this and help the mystery shopper with leading questions.

Overall, the "Prompter" mode helps to join the conversation to simply listen or speak. Specific goals can be thought out independently for your business process.

How to Connect to a Conversation

To connect to the conversation with any operator, you need to go to the call mode management and click on the phone icon next to the name of the operator you want to connect to. Then you need to choose who you want to connect to: the operator, the client, or both. After that, you will join the conversation.

So, the initiative to join the conversation comes only from you. The intern themselves "cannot call you to the phone" or transfer the call over the network.

Our support service will help you set up the call center, call mode, and prompter for free!

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