Balances for Employees in SalesRender

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In SalesRender, each employee has their own balance. This, combined with triggers, opens up possibilities for configuring KPI systems in any way.

Balances can be edited manually or rules for automatic replenishment can be set up based on various conditions.


This is a common request because it:

  • motivates the operator to make sales
  • calculates a percentage that is economically beneficial to the entrepreneur under any circumstances
  • is paid only if the cart value increases!

It's also important that this setup can be used to configure penalties. For example, if after a conversation with the operator, the customer cancels part of the items or the entire order. However, we never recommend penalties in real business processes! 😀

Bonus to Operator for Selling a Specific Product

This is also a common situation when there's a need to urgently clear out expiring or seasonal stock. In such cases, a special promotion can be created, for example, "2 for the price of 1", and the operator can be set to receive a bonus as a fixed amount upon selling such a promotion.

Bonus to Couriers for Delivering Orders

This is set up very easily and allows not only fixed bonuses for delivery but also differentiates prices for delivery in different cities!

Standard Bonus for Confirmed Orders Depending on Average Order Value

This is also a frequent request in sales, where the operator needs to receive a bonus for a confirmed order, but at different rates. For example, if the cart total is between $200 and $400, the bonus is $30, but anything above pays out $40.

All these scenarios significantly increase employee motivation and efficiency. And most importantly, it benefits the company's profit! Balances are converted into a currency convenient for the employee, making it easy for them to understand how much they've earned.

However, balances do not necessarily mean cash payouts. It could also be a point system that can be exchanged for gifts or an additional day of remote work.

In general, the schemes are limited only by your imagination. We'll be sharing the most interesting ones in our blog! 😉

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