What's new in SalesRender in May

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This article provides a brief overview of our updates. Go!

👥 Order cloning

Often in a business process you need the ability to create another order with the same data. Previously, you had to manually create an order and fill out each field, copying from the previous one. However, now we have functionality that allows you to easily clone an order in a couple of clicks.


We also took into account situations when some data needs to be copied from a previous order, and some need to be filled out again. For example, the full name and address do not change, but the contents of the cart have changed.

And that is not all! For each role, you can create different order cloning templates and in any quantity. For example, sales operators need to clone an order, keeping the full name and address, but with an empty cart. And logisticians must save all data except logistics services or the desired delivery date.

You can create several templates for specific employees or the entire company and set each data field to have a different copy action:

  • copy from order
  • assign a fixed value
  • the user will fill in the value manually

🔎 Filters

  • Now you can search for orders immediately by both empty values and filled ones;
  • The "Your profile" filter allows you to find all orders that are assigned to the account of the current employee. For example, this filter can be used in dialing mode so that the employee receives only his own orders.

  • If you exclude any value, you will end up with orders returned with all other values and empty ones;

  • Additionally, you can perform a search by one field, but by different values. For example, by two or more phone numbers, email, comments, lists, etc.

🚚 Updated the “Nova Pochta” logistics plugin for Ukraine

The plugin has become simpler and more convenient to use. The invoice no longer requires filling in the sender's data; it will be taken from the settings.

When you reopen the invoice, the city, department and street fields will display the data that was filled in and saved the previous time.

🔍 Filtering takes using triggers

We've updated the expression editor for triggers and validators! Therefore, you can configure automatically move all takes to a separate status.

New feature "Do you have orders with a number?" searches for duplicates by phone number. It specifies the order field from which the phone number will be taken. Additionally, the statuses in which orders with the same phone number will be searched will be indicated. Without specifying statuses, the search will be based on all statuses.


  • Added the "Array of statuses" function for a more convenient listing of statuses. Suitable for many cases: assigning orders to employees, sending SMS or webhooks, etc.

  • Improved the "Current time" function. Now you can indicate in brackets what time should be added or subtracted from the current one. For example, you can prohibit employees from indicating in the order all past days up to and including the current day, but allow them starting from tomorrow. If you do not specify any value in parentheses for the function, the function will return the current time.

🔄 Added order change history

  • Call recordings are now available in the order change history.

  • Now we began to record the time spent editing entities (orders, products, users, etc.)

💾 Table column settings

The table with orders can be customized as you like: turn off unnecessary columns, move them in the desired order. These settings take time, so earlier we made it possible to save settings templates, and not only for ourselves, but so that all employees of the company could use them.

But a user came to us with the following situation: for each position in his company, it was necessary to set up a specialized template that would open a table. For example, for accounting there is a certain order of columns, for a call center it is different.

And we have improved the functionality: now you can save different templates for setting up columns, doing this for yourself or for all users.

⚙️ New plugins

We created plugins for Tilda and Flexbe website builders. Using plugins, you can easily and quickly set up order acceptance in your CRM.

🛒 Cart

  • The total cart price can now be changed, and the unit price will be calculated automatically. Editing the final price is available if the cart contains at least one item with an enabled price range.

  • For the cart we made output of the weight of goods. Added to the order card and to the table of all orders.

  • **Selecting a product variation in the cart has been made more convenient: now if there is only one variation, the product is selected automatically.

🤖 Automatic selection of plugin for calls

When ordering calls, it is now not necessary to select a plugin; it can be determined automatically depending on the phone number. To do this, you need to specify masks for telephony plugins and select “Auto select plugin” once in any order. Next, when you open any order, the plugin for the call will be selected automatically.

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