Mail and Couriers in SalesRender

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We already have integrations with the most popular postal and courier services in many countries.

Who we are already integrated with

  • Russian Post
  • Sfera (fulfillment across Europe)
  • KazPost
  • Nova Poshta of Ukraine
  • Belpost
  • Euroexpress (courier service of Belarus)
  • Kiki (Latin America)
  • SDEK (courier service of Russia)
  • ShipRocket (courier service of India)
  • InPost (courier service of Poland)

And we are ready to add integration per your request. For free! 🙌

Important! If you are a courier service and want to integrate for our clients, please contact us using the contacts at the bottom of this article.

Tracking your own couriers and their KPIs

If you handle deliveries internally, we can track all such shipments, logging the number of parcels, date and time of dispatch, and even award bonuses to your couriers for each delivered parcel!

We'll set all of this up for you, just provide us with the details.

Warehouse management during order shipments

If you have multiple warehouses, for example, in two different parts of a large city, and it's important to separate the stock levels at both warehouses, you can create these warehouses in the CRM and fill them based on the actual inventory inside.

Then, when forming a shipment, you can assign a specific courier service to the warehouse. For instance, your couriers deliver goods from Warehouse "A", while shipments to the post office are made from Warehouse "B". All of this can be easily configured in our CRM!

Our support team will assist you in adding warehouses, items, and promotions, configuring inventory management, and providing a demonstration of our CRM features!

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