SalesRender Updates in March

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It's been 4 months since the launch of our CRM. We've compiled a list of updates to provide more details in this article.

🎁 A Lot of Features for Belarus 🇧🇾

  • We've added integrations with BelPost with full order tracking and also with EuroPost, but for now, only order tracking is available, with order upload to the personal account and printing of forms coming soon.

  • Added the ability to make calls using the A1 provider. With just one click from CRM, you can call customers while recording conversations.

  • Integrated with the major SMS provider in Belarus, SMS.BY.

  • We also have integrations with the largest marketplaces in Belarus, Deal.by, Kufar, Tomas.

Thus, SalesRender CRM has become highly specialized for entrepreneurs from Belarus, and we are ready to add even more integrations to suit your needs!

💬 SMS Providers for Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine

In addition to the SMS provider for Belarus, we've added integrations with providers for Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 Eskiz, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Mobizon, and Ukraine 🇺🇦 AlphaSMS.

🧩 Many Macro Plugins

All mass operations with orders in CRM work with plugins. Besides common plugins for downloading to Excel or uploading orders from Excel, we've added the ability to fill any field in orders en masse.

🌍 Geocoder Plugins

For Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan, the Dadata geocoder is perfect, but for other countries, you can also try the geocoder from Google Places.

⚙️ Enhanced Triggers for More Business Automation

Our triggers and validators are created in a special expression editor that we constantly improve.

  • For example, we've added new variables that return the quantity of products and promotions from the order separately. This allows you to set up bonus accruals to the user's balance for newly added products to the order. In simpler terms, paying a bonus to the call center operator if they add new items to the cart!

  • Updated the IN operator. Now it can work with string values. You can apply it in the order validator to prevent entering any symbol or word in the comment field. Or you can set up a trigger to move orders with the name "test" to a separate status.

  • Added the LENGTH() function to check the number of characters in a field. For example, a validator that prevents saving values longer than 6 characters in the "Index" field.

  • Added the REGULAR EXPRESSION() function, which allows checking the content of a string against any rules. For example, you can check that the "Name" field contains both the first and last name, and that each word is capitalized. You can check that the comment text contains a date in the format DD-MM-YYYY, and much more.

📦 Product Management

We've added the ability to create products with a zero price or specify a price range (for example, also from zero). This is useful when the operator can either give away a product for free during a call or simply set any price within the range.

Also, in products, there is now a purchase price, which is especially relevant if you don't order products in batches but work on a dropshipping basis. You can specify the purchase price right in the shopping cart block since the purchase price may vary for each specific order.

🤖 Telegram Bot for the Affiliate Program

The bot allows you to register for the affiliate program, get your unique link, and also sends a report on each registered referral and on each credited amount! Learn more on this page.

💨 Significant System Speedup

And now everything works very fast!

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