SalesRender Updates in April

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Another month of active work is behind us, so it's time to share our updates!

🔔 Convenient Reminders

Added a flashing indicator when a reminder is triggered. Now you won't miss anything for sure!

🔎 Searching for Duplicates by Phone Number with Hidden Numbers

Users with restricted phone number visibility will still not see the numbers. The system searches by encrypted number.

💪 Lots of Internal Optimization Work

We now have detailed application performance analysis functionality, allowing us to promptly address any speed issues with the service.

🌍 Company Time Zone

Added the company's time zone, which can be changed at any time. By default, it's the same zone as the company director's. The time zone will be used for API tokens and other entities without zone settings.

📦 Notifications for New CRM Version

They will appear at the top of your dashboard, and all you need to do is refresh the page to switch to the new version. Please do not ignore such notifications.

🇮🇳 Improvements for GEO India

  • Added integration with the ShipRocket courier service.
  • Integrated with MCUBE telephony.
  • Integrated with VIRTUO telephony.

🛍️ Products Now Have Barcodes

You can use them for your own purposes, whether it's a tax code, SKU, or barcode.

📞 Incoming Calls and Order List

We've completed one of the important and extensive tasks for inbound telephony! When receiving a call, a modal window opens, showing the caller's number. Below that, a list of all orders found with the same number is displayed so you can prepare for the call. And if a new customer calls you, you can easily create an order.

In addition, you can individually configure the data fields you want to display for your company during incoming calls.

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